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Santa Claus is portrayed by Rev. Timothy Walker: Pastor, Teacher, Professional Magician, Public Speaker, Husband & Father of two amazing sons. As Arkansas' Premier Santa Claus, I am more than a character – I am the embodiment of holiday magic, bringing joy and wonder to life in every interaction. With years of experience and a heart full of Christmas spirit, I specialize in crafting enchanting moments that light up faces and warm hearts.

My expertise lies in creating authentic experiences, from heart-to-heart conversations during virtual visits to the twinkle in my eye during live appearances that captures the essence of the season. Every letter, video email, and virtual visit is meticulously designed to create lifelong memories.

I've honed my skills through countless events, private parties, and church gatherings, infusing each occasion with the spirit of Christmas. My commitment to making dreams come true shines through in every gesture and word.

Choose me as your Santa, and let's make this holiday season truly magical. Allow me to share my expertise and bring the joy of Christmas alive for you and your loved ones.